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If you're selling stuff to make a living, this is what you do not want to do. Did you know that there is a whole bunch of stuff out there which would not ever be sold if no one was there to sell it? I know that irks the hell out of you Commies and Socialists. You can hate the way the world works. There's little chance you're going to change it.

The funny thing about it? Folks feel better when they've bought something they knew they needed but were too shy or too lazy to seek out on their own. I'm not talking about used cars or mobile homes; I'm talking about stuff you really need in order to take care of your family. Money.

Take a look at your current situation: If you continue to save money at the rate you're saving it now, how much will you have when you want to retire? Typical example? You're 30. You've been working at least 10 years. You've saved exactly -0- dollars. Many of you are into math: What is 0 x 30 more years?

So a salesperson is attempting to talk you into putting some money aside for the future. How much can you afford? The old school trick was this: Can you afford $1 a month? "Oh, sure." Can you afford $1000 a month? "Hell fucking no!" OK, then we just have to find a number between $1 and $1000 that your budget will support each month.

If the salesperson winds up with $100 a month when the client could have actually saved $300 a month, that's leaving $200 on the table. Not good for the salesperson or the client.

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