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One of San Francisco's premiere Bar Bands, LOL is high-energy, nutty, and an all around good time.

This band is as tight as an 80's rocker chick's pants!

- Dan Sauter of Visitor 42

"Left Out Lamont represents the ultimate in power pop-rock."

- Ashray Shah, Satellite Magazine, March 2000

"They FUKKIN' RAWK! Not to mention a group of fine young men"

- me, Lamont-Head Prime

The band consists of Dave "Crisp" Madole, the drumstick-throwing marksman (by trade); website producer, Josh (a.k.a. the Gubna) Almond supplying bass sounds through his thorax; and guitarist/vocalist, Mig Man, who writes most of the songs while singing in the shower and while stuck in traffic on the bay bridge.

Named after Lamont from Sanford and Son, they always start out their sets in large and gaudy afro wigs, Lamont's favored hair style. True Lamont-Heads wear their own wigs to show their support and membership in the Lamont Army (not to be confused in any way with the Kiss Army). The whole thing was started by an anonymous fan now only referred to as "'Fro Man"

The band members actually grew up within a one-mile radius, but never met until the mid-nineties when a freak nuclear accident brought them together. In 1994, Josh tried out for Dave's band, Abandon Blue, but it didn't work out (cuz Josh puked on the singer one day and that was that). Miguel first jammed with Josh in early '95, but they ended up in a fist fight in during a band meeting at some restaurant out in Modesto called Pizza Pizza.

Info on gigs, their CD (Come And Get Us), and where to buy your own 'fro can be found at: http://www.leftout.com
(That's also where I stole most of this content from, but The Gubna don't care. They're all about free publicity)

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