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In the world of professional wrestling, Hulk Hogan's finisher, the BIG LEG (of DOOM!) was the finishing move in the 1980's. It had great heat, it never failed to pop a crowd.

Now, it's not as painful as say, The Last Ride, but it was for the crowd pop that Hogan did it. It followed the big boot. Here's how you do it in six easy steps:

1. Beat the hell out of your opponent.

2. Get beaten up by your opponent.

3. Do the Hogan Repertoire, which consists if steps 1 and 2, followed by shaking your head, hyperventilating, becoming impervious to harm as you circle around the ring, getting madder and madder. This makes you seem tough, god-like almost.

4. Whip the opponent to the ropes. Feebly lift leg in the way of opponent's face. (Note: fans should be indicating signs of rabies, insanity, or seeing God at this point.)

5. Bounce off the ropes. Feebly legdrop opponent across the chest. (Note: crowd will pop.)

6. Pin opponent, because he's most likely dead.

Hogan did this over and over again in his career. He was a superhero, and when he'd do the big boot/big leg, fans knew, even before the pin, that he'd won the match.

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