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Legal referral is a means by which you can obtain legal counsel at a discounted rate through a referral service.

Legal referral services are offered in 2 basic ways; you can either pay a monthly premium, or have it as an added benefit to you in the form of an employee benefit's package (medical, dental etc).

A recent online survey found that nearly 9 out of 10 employees experienced at least one legal life event during the past year.

With legal referral, you call up the company that you have a plan with and they will put you in touch with an attorney experienced in the area of practice that you're looking for. Generally, you will be given an attorney who will offer you a half-hour free consultation, and a 25% discount off of their usual rates if you decide to hire him/her.

Before finding an attorney on your own, find out through your employee assistance program at work if you have a legal plan, as it can save you a ton of cash (the average attorney is 240$/hour!).

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