Leicester Square is a busy sqaure in the middle of the West-End of London. It's the centre of London's entertainment area. It's particularly famous for it's high concentration of cinemas.

In additon to two Odeon and a 10 screen Warner Village, its worth looking out for the Prince Charles Cinema. You won't find the latest blockbusters, but rather classics and films that you almost but just did not get round to catching... all at super discount prices.

On the corner near the tube station you will find a famous club calld the Hippodrome. It's a particularly nasty place frequented by clueless tourists.

Nearby there is a bar called "Voodoo Lounge" that's owned by one of the Rolling Stones. (That does not make it a good place!).

Most evenings, it is a very busy place. During the holiday seasons it's unbearably busy because of the tourists, the street performers, crap street artists and the fairground rides that seem to come and go on a weeekly basis.

This is agravated when one of the cinemas have a premier - when the police start to cordon off large sections of the square so that celebs in their limos can get through it makes Leicester Square just about impassable for the average pedestrian.

It's the sort of place that most Londoners (unless very drunk) do their best to avoid. Other than the cinemas, the rest of the night-life is quite cheesey - definitely not a cool place to be seen!

The easiest way to get to Leicester Square is by tube. Leicester Square tube station is on the Charing Branch of the Northern Line, and also the Picadilly Line. It's also a short walk away from Picadilly Circus and Covent Garden tube stations.

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