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Small, hard, round candy, perportedly made to taste like lemons or lemon juice, only not quite so strong, and notedly sweeter. Mildly addictive, unless you have a tendency to eat whole lemons, then they tend to be considerably more so. Also a rock band

A boppy band featuring the writing and playing of Evan Dando. Albums include It's A Shame About Ray, Come On Feel The Lemonheads, Hate Your Friends, and Creator. Current status is unknown..

The Lemonheads started in 1987 at the Commonwealth School, a very small private high school in Boston's Back Bay. Their origional bass player was Jesse Paretz, now the film maker responsible for the foo fighters' video learn to fly as well as several funny advertisments. Some of their most famous songs are: their cover of Mrs. Robinson, Alison's Starting To Happen, Stove, and If I could Talk I'd Tell You. At one point, Evan Dando was arrested in Australia for something to do with drugs. He had been addicted to cocaine since high school. The band is currently split up, but Evan Dando is still at large in the music scene.

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