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Leng is a plateau which lies in the northern parts of Lovecraft's Dreamland. It is just south of the Cold Wastes. Its capitol city, Sarkomand, lies in ruins, but was once marvellous. At the center of Sarkomand lies a great pit which leads down to Dreamland's underworld; it is best not to venture down into this pit because of the beasts which inhabit and guard it - and better still not to be found in Sarkomand - and better than that, not to be found in Leng in the first place.

Leng is also described as a location in Antarctica, in our own waking world. Lovecraft hints that there are places in Dreamland which have direct union with places in the waking world. Therefore it may be inferred that a gateway of sorts exists between the Leng of Dreamland and the Leng of Antarctica.

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