This 1981 video was (obviously) a demonstration of Magnavox's new Laserdisc player by Leonard Nimoy. Oddly enough, I found the following review of this video on IMDB:

This movie can only be described as an action-packed sexcapade with enough gore to stop the orbit of the moon. Nimoy is right on the money as the saucy, sassy, wisecracking videodisc operator who shoots all the bad guys and gets all the chicks. Shot with a then phenomenal budget of 90 million in Rome, Vladivostok, and Paraguay, Nimoy spends the movie fighting the forces of media player ineptitude and repeatedly satisfying upwards of 40 women at a time in some of the most lavish action and sex scenes ever put to celluloid.

Seldom does a moment of screen time go by when he isn't laying waste to half city blocks or messily garrotting scores of thugs who can't tell the 'scan' button from the 'play.' Frankly, it's a wonder that the body count in this movie got past the MPAA (with no rating, unbelievably!), because this viewer had to stop counting corpses at eleven hundred. Taut and gripping until the end, Nimoy pursues the evil lord Buster Betamax across the globe in one of the bloodiest yet truly gratifying media player demonstrations ever.

With all the superlatives it may sound over the top, and would be if performed by the likes of Arnold or Wayne Newton, but Mr. Nimoy plays it with the soul of a poet. Tragic yet beautiful, restrained and deeply human, he brings a rare sense of emotion and purpose to a movie that would otherwise be lost in the ranks of stale instructional films. Watch close at the end for a cameo from fellow Mission: Impossible alum Peter Graves as Midget Shoeshine Boy in Crowd.

It should be noted that while the IMDB review of this VideoDisc is very amusing it is also entirely fabricated (hey -- after hearing The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins I'll believe pretty much anything about Leonard Nimoy, particularly in the IMDB).

The first side of LNDtMVP is a 10.5 minute sales pitch featuring Leonard Nimoy talking to a buzzing/flashing rock (ala Horta I assume). This program is then repeated just in case you missed some crucial detail in what I am sure is a fascinating presentation on the merits of the Magnavox VH-8000. Not only was this particular VideoDisc player discontinued by the time LNDtMVP was released, the VH-8000 was out-classed by the Pioneer VP-1000 a year before this disc was even produced. Just another example of the same sort of VideoDisc madness that almost bankrupted RCA.

The second side of this disc is similar to the first however Nimoy's pitch is more technical and sans rock. There is also a "how to sell Magnavision" lecture given by two non-Leonard Nimoy salespeople.

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