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Leonardo Chiariglione is the initiator of the MPEG working grop which is responsible for the MPEG compression standards. {MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, MPEG-7, and MPEG-21]}
An Italian, Leonardo works in Torino at CSELT, the research labs of Telecom Italia.

"When I invented the MPEG it was absolutly clear to me that it would become the midwife of digital broadcasting," sais Leonardo to Italy Daily.

These days Leonardo is working on the MPEG7 and MPEG21 standards. And was the only Italian to be named to Time magazines Digital Top 50.
He is also the Executive Director of the Secure Digital Music Initiative to define a new method of securing transmitted music, so that music is unreproducible by those without propper permission.

"I don't want to be the record companies' cop" he said to me just the other day adding, "It's not unethical to download free music. If you were walking down the street and you came across a crate of CDs would you take one? Nobody's there to stop you and they're just sitting there on the corner, it's natural to download free music and it'll be interesting to watch and see if the record companies can convince the public to begin paying for downloadable digital music now that they are accustomed to having it for free."

Leonardo works for Telecom Italia Lab in Torino, Italy

for more info visit Leonardo's homepage at: http://www.cselt.it/ufv/leonardo/

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