Lesbian Pornography -- yes, I admit, it's a rather odd choice of spank material for a straight girl, but hey, to each is on. However, I have a complaint with it, did you ever notice that the women on those pictures never do anything? I mean, they are naked, and they are next to each other. Like the one of the implied oral sex, it's a close up of a vagina with another girl next to it smiling at the camera, makes me think of Denis Leery's stand up routine on breasts "Look I got my picture next to a tit".
I mean, they shouldn't advertise it as "Hot Lesbian Teens" they should advertise it as "See teens take pictures next to each other's genitals"

Probably one of the most popular forms of pornography, perhaps even the best loved, though likely not the most often purchased or rented.

Why is it so well thought of amongst purveyors and purchasers of porn the world over? Well, most porn viewers are heterosexual men. It follows, naturally enough, that they are attracted to women. Lesbian pornography gives you at least two women, and no dick (save the replicated sort), to boot. The flimsy storylines of pornography also insure that even the most unimaginative hulk is capable of picturing himself walking into the action: "Hel-lo, Ladieees.".

The other form of lesbian pornography would be the sort that is actually geared towards lesbians who enjoy porn. Obviously this is somewhat of a niche market, and so such materials are difficult to locate. They tend to be slightly more cerebral than the average porn, but we aren't talking about re-interpretations of Kafka, here. It's still porn -- it just has better dialogue and slightly more believable scenarios.

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