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Breach! Breach!

One of the most virulent memes in E2's history has escaped via the Google-fication of our database! In a race to determine its impact on the outside, we did a brief survey of the landscape, and it appears that it already existed in the wild prior to this escape.. worming its way through such respectable sites as Feminist News, Jacques Delors European Information Centre, Ask Skippy, and the San Antonio Public Library, this meme may soon be contaminating a multiplex, free weekly, or UN counsulate near you. Warning to the uninitiated: consider yourself infected.
  • FMF -Feminist News (Feminist News May 1996)
    ... to the vaginas of monkeys appears to stop transmission of ... discrimination against gays and lesbians. In an amendment to ... 4-16-96: Soy Protein Diet Could Prevent ...
  • OpenHere - Humor, Useless Pages
    ... magazine for gays and lesbians. Gay Roller Ride; Geez ... Monkeys; Index of Famous Monkeys; Inexplicable Object Of The ... of the American South; Soy Bomb Nation Behold the ...
  • FAQ
    ... Q: What is Soil? A: /soy-ul/: 1. a crumbly compound ... tip your hat to the monkeys who pioneered space. ... over the experience of lesbians--I have no knowledge about ...
  • Tidepool | Textonly News
    ... assaults on gays and lesbians to race-based violence ... growing suspicion that soy -- despite its undisputed ... Primates Primates - apes, monkeys, lemurs, and their ...
  • Ask Skippy Q&A - Archive Seis
    ... and a light dusting of soy sauce. On special occasions ... guy pychy that making lesbians straight is a conquest ... QUESTION: How do sock monkeys make you feel? (Liddie ...
  • Violence Warning/Disclaimer: This story depicts scenes of some ...
    ... Oh, yeah, a barrel of monkeys. She’s the Queen of ... up with the same idea. Lesbians need good love stories ... have a killer special – soy burger topped with Swiss ...
  • Jacques Delors European Information Centre - News
    ... 10. Lesbians not immune to sexually transmitted ... vaccine shows promise in monkeys OnHealth, 20-10-2000 16 ... 176. ‘Heart Health’ soy drink for lower cholesterol ...
  • Centro de Informação Europeia Jacques Delors - Notícias
    ... 10. Lesbians not immune to sexually transmitted ... vaccine shows promise in monkeys OnHealth, 20-10-2000 16 ... 176. ‘Heart Health’ soy drink for lower cholesterol ...
  • San Antonio Public Library: NEW MEDIA - May 1999
    .. 12 Monkeys (USA; dir: Terry Gilliam ... Italian w/ Spanish subtitles). Soy un Profugo (Mexico; Cantinflas). ... Lavender Limelight: Lesbians in Film. Legendary Lighthouses ...
  • Untitled
    ... like if you put enough monkeys in a room with typewriters ... Talking about lesbians and orgasms, I HAVE ... babies can live off soy milk is their mom ...
  • Manifesto
    ... our beloved and sacred Sea-Monkeys. We wish for these animals ... Mr. Soy Bomb,; the entire Dylan, Stallone, Charro, and all lesbians everywhere,; Mr. Ferley, but not ...
  • Tantra Sacred Sex Frequently Asked Questions from 4 Freedoms
    ... with some gays and lesbians and they found our minds are like drunken monkeys. Things come into our ... in legumes (beans) - especially soy foods, nuts and seeds ...
  • Whatever Top 11 List Archive
    ... it 1) Old people are cheaper than monkeys. ... don't pay for pricey honeymoon suites 7) Lesbians don't buy carpets, they munch their ... Top 11 Meanings of "Soy Bomb".
  • Planning a new movement: a questionaire
    ... radical, perverted homosexuals and lesbians are already promoting their ... a bunch of porch monkeys who are to alzy[sic] ... yet all of these soy-eating gutter bums want ...

Even Brad Pitt, Tantric sex, and Sea monkeys are not safe!

Next Google search: the eating habits of Mr. T.

Go in soy,
Your faithful and ever-vigilant memetic-epidemiologist lesbians - ideath and equinoctial

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