(This movie is known as Snow Days outside of the USA and France)

An independent film from 1999 which apparently had a low budget and low distribution, because it is wonderful yet nobody has heard of it.

A unique member of the romantic comedy genre, it stars Kipp Marcus and Alice Dylan as James Ellis and Sarah Milson, respectively. They met as teenagers and were soon best friends. The movie deals with about six years of James's life as they grow up and their relationship fluctuates between romantic involvement and alienation. The movie is full of insight and originality. The main conflict lies in how Sarah Milson grows up and enters the "real world," the adult world, while James remains the same person he was at seventeen.

It's a surprisingly light-hearted and brightly toned movie, despite having some real turbulence and disturbing themes, centered around James's descent into depression and and distancing from reality. It is a comedy, so there are some very funny lines that pop up when least expected.

It was written and produced by Kipp Marcus and directed by Adam Marcus. The other main characters include Bernadette Peters as James's mother, Henry Simmons as James's best friend (who becomes a successful businessman), and Miriam Shor as Sarah's college roommate and best friend.

It is Marcus's first writing and production credit, and his first major role. I believe it is Alice Dylan's first role.

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