Leto II is the main character of Frank Herbert's God Emperor of Dune. He is the son of twins born to the messiah Paul Muad’Dib and the fremen healer Chani. He and his sister, Ghanima are both of the pre-born. Pre-born children are given adult-like awareness while still in the womb, and they have the ancient memory of all their relatives before them. This ancient memory allows them to recall the memories and feelings of their past relations at will.

Leto II is striving to obtain what he refers to as the Golden Path. His Golden Path required him to merge with sandtrout to become half-human and half-sandworm. His half-sandworm state gives him undetermined sort of immortality. Commanding the Empire with an all female army referred to as the Fish Speakers, he is worshipped as a living God, and debated to be Shai-Hulud. His reign is called Leto's Peace and lasted for almost four thousand years.

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