an edev submission

Level 1 users can't vote. However, a lot of level 1 users don't know that. So, they ask in the chatterbox, at which point I or someone like me points them to Voting/experience system or my personal favorite E2 FAQ: Why Don't I Have Votes Today? . Then, the user just feels silly and everyone has less fun.

For some reason, all newbies know how to vote, and they know where the radio buttons should be, but they're just confused at the absence of the little circles between (idea) by anotherone and the time stamp.

So, what if you put a little thingy of some sort linked to E2 FAQ: Why Don't I Have Votes Today? Shouldn't be too hard. I present to you, actual code:

Note: I am not good at perl. If this is crap, forgive me, I know not what I do.
use Everything::Experience;
return if getLevel($USER) > 1;
"<p align=center><b>".linkNodeTitle('E2 FAQ: Why Don't I Have Votes Today?|?')."</b></p>";

This code would be placed (I think the best place for it would be) the blank line 6 in votehead. I very well could be wrong. When the level 1 user looks for the radio buttons, s/he will see this:

(idea) by anotherone                                                    ?                                                    Fri Jan 19 2001 at 05:33 utc

and (hopefully) click the ?.

N-Wing says: actually, it look like votehead it only called once, for an entire e2node. voteit is used for each writeup, so the change is in there; of course, some people complained about the ? thingy, so an option to turn it off was added to user settings

However, this code might disrupt those level 1 users who can vote- BSI staff and L1 users who have been given 25 votes by a god. Then again it might not. The code was partially from the chatterbox code that puts a little what's this? in the chatterbox for newbies. Maybe it should be modified so that Guest User doesn't see it... or maybe not.
thank you for your time. That's all. Good night.

Update: yerricde suggested expanding this to all users with no votes, including users who are out of votes, and changing it to something like "No Votes".

N-Wing says: it turns out that users that don't have votes, ran out of votes, etc. are all the same in the $$VARS{nowhynovotes} - they're set to 0. So all the reasons can use the same code to display the ? thingy. Of course, this makes it a pain to know if the user had votes (for example, maybe a level 1 user was granted votes), although it doesn't matter too much, since the FAQ that is linked to lists reasons for now having votes.

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