The Liber Null is the handbook of initiates of the Illuminates of Thanateros, an order of Chaos Magicians.
Written by Peter J. Carroll, co-founder of the IOT, the Liber Null contains introductions and rituals suitable for seekers who wish to journey into the mysteries of Chaos Magic.
This book contains "practical" information on the use of Chaos Magic. For deeper explanation into Chaotic Theory, try the Liber Kaos.

Liber Null contains the following sections:
  • Liber MMM: A discourse on magical trance, and the keeping of a magical diary. Essential work for a 4th degree initiate.
  • Liber Lux: The initiate (3rd degree) guide to White Magic.
  • Liber Nox: The initiate (3rd degree) guide to Black Magic.
  • Liber AOM: The guide to the workings of adept (2nd degree) magic.

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