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A superhero published by DC Comics. Liberty Bell first appeared in Boy Commandos #1 in 1943.

Libby Belle Lawrence was the daughter of Major James Lawrence, a U.S. Army attache stationed in Poland during the early 1940's. When the Nazis attacked Poland, Major Lawrence was killed and Libby was stranded in enemy territory. Using her formidable athletic skills, Libby traversed most of Europe and swam the English Channel to freedom and safety. Her adventures made her an overnight sensation and she used her new-found fame to go on radio and television to speak out against the Nazi menace. Feeling there was more that she could be doing and taking her inspiration from the mystery men who were appearing, Libby created a costume for herself and became the patriotic hero Liberty Belle.

For a time, Liberty Belle fought the good fight depending entirely upon her own physical prowess. During this time, she adopted as her confidant the custodian of the actual Liberty Bell, an old man named Tom Revere. Tom fashioned a small replica of the Bell for Libby who wore it on the buckle of her costume. After that, whenever Tom rang the actual bell, Libby would gain a boost of strength, speed, and stamina. Why this occurred was never explained.

Liberty Belle was one of the original members of the World War II group of heroes known as the All-Star Squadron. Liberty Belle became their leader after a time and was named their permanent leader after a time. She co-chaired the group for a while with the Golden Age Hawkman.

While a member of the All-Star Squadron, Libby began a relationship with Johnny Chambers who was also the hero Johnny Quick. The two heroes secretly married for a time and had a daughter Jesse Belle Chambers. They eventually divorced.

Liberty Belle also gained an additional power for a time. While captured by the villain Baron Blitzkreig, Libby was exposed to a machine that concentrated the vibrations of the Liberty Bell on her body. The machine allowed Liberty Belle to create intense waves of sound. Whether the power was temporary or permanent has yet to be seen.

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