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I thought this little rant would be of some amusement value. It’s taken from Library Juice, an alternative news digest for and by librarians. Disclaimer for those slow on the uptake: I do not advocate any of the views below, in fact I am diametrically opposed to them. Nor am I a libertarian either.


Who says that Library Juice doesn't present a full range of perspectives? Here is a message from Hans Wienhold, sent to the newsgroup soc.libraries.talk, about how libraries "are for socialist welfare scum."

From: Hans Wienhold Date: 07/24/01 11:05 pm Groups: soc.libraries.talk

Libraries are for socialist welfare scum

All public libraries are socialist institutions and invariably are sites of wholesale theft of intellectual property that is being sanctioned by a corrupt, evil state.

Respect for Intellectual Freedom demands tht (sic) all state run libraries be shut down immediately as they are a site of ongoing and wholesale theft of intellectual property.

The contents of these dishonorable (sic), immoral and illegal institutions must be returned to the authors or other financial interest holders or shredded or burned so that the theft of the intellectual property contained within the library walls will not continue.

Libraries will only be legitimate when they are taken out of the hands of the state and only when the authors and or publishers of the works within have WILLINGLY donated their works, and then ONLY upon condition that those works be distributed in strict accordance to whatever written agreements or stipulations that may have been made with the rights holders.

Among the Libertarian community it is often noted that the primary use of public libraries is provide sleeping quarters for unemployed bums and welfare slobs, and other parasites who are unworthy of existence (sic) who are looking for another handout from the nanny state. These people are intellectual property thieves at best and often simply vermin worthy only of extermination.

Libraries exist as a method of wealth transfer and rights violation like every other form of government corruption of the marketplace. They exist as a result of government fiat, stealing wealth from intellectual property holders and transferring (sic) that wealth to low income vermin, and do so with money stolen from the public.

The simple truth is that Libraries are nothing more than an immoral and illegal form of welfare.

- Love Freedom? Vote Libertarian
The Simulacron3 would do well to meditate some more (or even read, though one would hope not at a library) on copyright.

Specifically, on what a copyright library is.

Well go on, give us a clue!

How are we going to sue the bastards for copyright infringement (or even just prove that they did, in case we think we're libertarians)? One good way is to go to your country's copyright library: the Library of Congress in the USA, the National Library in Israel, ...

When a book is published, a copy goes into the copyright library. Which makes copyright infringement much easier to show.

Is that all?

Not really. You see, copyright laws specifically state exemptions for libraries. The point of copyright is to dissemminate information in a fair manner, not to stifle it!

And the copyright library(ies) is the foremost institution a copyright law gives for doing that.

Another point to bear in mind is that, in Britain at least, authors get paid when their works are borrowed from public libraries. I don't know if this is the case in the US, but certainly in the UK there are a few popular authors who make the bulk of their income from libraries.

There was a huge fuss made by an authors' group a couple of years ago when the government tried to cut the already tiny amounts (a fraction of a penny per book borrowed) paid to authors.

Just for the record.

I was not the author of the article posted here. It was the work of someone who really doesn't like me very much, probably one of the so-called "progressives" I took pleasure in demolishing back in the early 1990's on the Compuspec bulletin board.

The author gives himself away with the sarcastic last line.


Hans Wienhold
A.K.A. Uncle Block
March 15, 2014

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