Now now!
This isn't one of those filthy, depraved nodes about some demented scatological practice! This is a nice, clean, homely node about one of my favourite childhood hobbies..

When I was a young Lizard (knee high to a grasshopper, you might say), my mother would frequently (and rather ably) cook nice things for dessert, such as cakes, chocolate mousses, merangues, and so on. (It was one of the contributing reasons why I was a bit of a chubby kid)

Anyway, whenever she was nearly finished making whatever sweet delight she was crafting for pudding (as we often call dessert in Britain), I would invariably pop up and say 'Can I lick out the bowl, mum?'..

She always did, and now, when I occasionally return home to dine with my parents, if I'm in the kitchen at the right moment she'll offer me the same priviledge...

Aaah.. takes me right back..

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