A Quest For Tall Tales

"A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes." - Mark Twain

There are traditions in many cultures for telling tall tales. Stories that are larger than life, tales of gods and men. Think for example of Paul Bunyan, John Henry and even Robin Hood. These are people about whom the tales grew with the telling, and those worthies are joined by such as the Flying Dutchman, Atlantis and the moon being made of green cheese.

Your task then, should you choose to accept it, is to tell tall stories. Make shit up, in other words, create a modern mythology. Really simple. If you need some examples, look at John Thomas Cholmondeley-Minge and Florian von Banier, or at this article about self-tasting bread¹.

  1. This Quest will run from 0000 server time on 1 May, 2012 until 2359 on 31 May 2012.
  2. Writeups must be clearly and openly hard-linked to this node.
  3. Only writeups posted within the times allotted will be accepted.
  4. Let me know by private /msg once you have posted your writeup.
  5. Only writeups crafted for the Quest will be eligible.
  6. The standards for this Quest are high. Also, see N.B. below.
  7. Each writeup accepted will gain a small reward of 25GP.
  8. Each C! on accepted writeups will receive a bonus of 10GP.
  9. The judges' opinions are final.

N.B. There is a fine line between fiction and such tales. Let's lose the idea that this is a "fiction" quest. There is a big difference. These are stories told as though they are real. In these matters, the judges' opinions will be final. If you are in doubt, submit a draft and make it available to all the judges and request they review it.

The judges for this Quest are: wertperch, Jet-Poop, Aerobe, Transitional Man. The judging panel will, after the Quest has ended, select the best of all accepted writeups, and suitable rewards will be forthcoming.

The Accepted Entrants

All entries are linked to the LieQuest 2013 category

The Winners

Well, they were hard to pick, but after a quick deliberation, some tea and vegan biscuits and gravy, we have some winners!

  1. El Cid by LeoDV
  2. Shenzhen Glyph Stone by kozmund
    Drugs Are Only For Cool Kids by Glowing Fish
  3. Felix-Julien-Jean Nadjarian de Mulhouse by Hazelnut
    Frehlan Torpedo by Transitional Man

Not Quite Lies But Nonetheless Very Worthy

Too-early Worthies

¹ It's a lie! It's about self-toasting bread!

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