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Cheap freeware DOS clone of Worms. Lot of fun to play, tho. Go get it at freegames.org.

A cool game.

Think of it as quake in 2d. You run around with 5 implements of destruction of your choice, blowing up the other player.

I like to play it with 0% reload time (aka infinite ammo), against the CPU (who has 10000% health, to make it fair - he's stupid!) After a while, the terrain goes away, and the level is a box full of rocks.

Well worth the download (133k (!)), and very addictive.

Signs of Skillz in Liero:

  1. Choosing the fan, actually using it, and blowing the enemies projectiles back at him. (Very matrixesque)
  2. Using the grapple to grab the other player.

An old old game. It is indeed similar to Worms, the key difference being that it is played in 'real time', i.e. it isn't turn based. It's played split screen on a single computer. The keys are quite bizarre, but pressing 'change weapons' and 'jump' at the same time to fire a grappling hook becomes second nature to you, after a while. The modern game it's most similar to is Soldat. You *can* play against the computer as opposed to a mate, but the AI is terrible (and suicidal). In my opinion, Liero is best played with player health set to 30%, as this makes the Gauss gun, Rifle and dreaded Zim all one shot kill weapons. Have fun.

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