One day my guards all ran away. No one came with Olanzapine. I was sad. But someone left the ward door open. I filled my pockets with lovely pills. Then I went shopping! Super long sleeves are such a bad look. Down at the Sally Ann they had lots of pretties. I spotted a shiny unitard with golden accents and accessories and great boots. I said Why Not? I snagged a royal purple housecoat too. I paid the clerk with pills and invective. He was down with that. I mostly wear the unitard on Me Days. Me Days are about shopping and singing to the birds! If men catcall me, I mess them up.

One spring Me Day I met a hobo. He wore a rubber suit. It had nipples on it! I was curious. He reminded me of something from my past. So I didn't mess him up. He was silly and fun, like a boy playing, even though he said he that was a Bad Man. He did swear a lot. We had many good times.

When my pills ran out, I got sad again. One day I stabbed him. He did not like that! Then we fought. That was sad too. He has anger management issues. We decided to take a break. He was mean about it. He is a Bad Man after all.

Then I met a nice woman named Faith. We moved in together. She helps me to feel centered. She completes me! I hardly ever want to stab anyone! Sometimes I see the Bad Man in the distance, fighting or just brooding on a rooftop. I hope he finds someone nice.


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