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Life Of Agony is a hardcore metal band, formed in 1989 by Brooklyn, New York natives Keith Caputo (vocals), Joey Z. (guitars. His full name is Joseph Zampella) and Alan Robert (bass. Full name Alan Robert Goldstein). After playing the New York underground hardcore scene for a few years with various drummers, they recruited Sal Abruscato as a permanent member of the band just before signing a record deal with Roadrunner Records, which led to the release of their debut album, River Runs Red, in 1993. This was an album in the typical New York hardcore style, but with Keith's clear vocals, and a bit of heavy metal influence.

After the tour to support River Runs Red had ended, they went straight into the studio again, to record their second album, Ugly, which was released in 1995. Ugly was pretty different in sound then River Runs Red. It was more alternative, more dramatic, but in my opinion, better then their debut album. After the tour, drummer Sal Abruscato left the band, and was replaced by Dan Richardson.

In 1997, they released Soul Searching Sun, an album which was quite similar in sound to Ugly, but wasn't quite as successful. After the tour, Keith Caputo would leave the band so he could pursue a solo career, and he released the album Died Laughing in 2000, which is quite different from the work he did with Life Of Agony.

Former Ugly Kid Joe vocalist Whitfield Crane replaced Keith, but he left in 1999 without ever recording an album with the band. Life Of Agony released an album with rare tracks in 1999, which was simply titled 1989 - 1999. In 2000, an unplugged cd, Unplugged At The Lowlands Festival '97, was released which consists of 8 tracks (7 songs and an introduction) recorded at the Lowlands Festival in the Netherlands on August 23, 1997. The album also included 7 bonus tracks, which were 6 live tracks and a remix of one of their older songs.

River Runs Red (1993)

Ugly (1995)

Soul Searching Sun (1997)

1989 - 1999 (1999)

Unplugged At The Lowlands Festival '97 (2000)

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