A video game developed by Software Toolworks in the early 90s. The premise of the game is that you are an intern at a county hospital which has recently opened a new neurosurgery wing. The gameplay consists of taking physicals, making a diagnosis and prescribing treatment. Taking a physical includes checking for pupil reaction, eye tracking, slurred speech, weakness in any extremities, reflex and response to pain. You can also enlist X-rays, MRIs and CT Scans to make a more acurate assessment. Once you have made your diagnosis, you can prescribe various treatments, from drug therapy to counseling to surgery, which you will also perform. The surgery makes up the bulk of time spent playing the game. There are three surgeries which you can perform: subdural hematoma removal, brain tumor removal, and aneurism repair. The hematoma is the easiest to operate on, because it only requires opening the scalp and drilling one hole into the skull. Subsequent surgeries make use of these skills and add complications like using microscopic tools and ultrasounds. Random changes in condition can happen during the operation which require you to make certain decisions in order to save the patient's life.

This game is a great play whicih requires a mix of logic, dexterity, skill and planning in order to be successful. Probably the best part is that there are no consequences for your actions in the long run (you can't be fired) so if you feel like it you can take a bone saw to the patient's eyes when all they really need is some physical therapy. Also, the scenes in the morgue of your fellow interns eating pizza from a box sitting on top of the corpse that you are responsible for with captions like "Looks like he forgot to irrigate again. This brain is so hot we didn't need to microwave the food!"

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