Lights and Shadows of Yosemite is a well illustrated book about Yosemite, by Katherine Ames Taylor, pub. H. S. Crocker Co, San Francisco, 1926. The full title reads: Lights and Shadows of Yosemite: Being a collection of favorite Yosemite views, together with a brief account of its history and legends, for those who want to know and enjoy Yosemite more. 15.5 x 21.5 cm, 87 pages, 38 duotone reproductions of photographs, each 14 x 10 cm.

This book is noted as being one of the first books to reproduce the photographs of Ansel Adams, who was 24 years old at the time. The photographs are not of the same subjects as many of Adams' later photographs, though the style of photography and printing are unmistakable. Adams' photographs are of "Royal Arches, in Yosemite Valley, with North Dome, 7,531 feet high in the background", "Le Conte Memorial Lodge, built by the Sierra Club, in Yosemite Valley, to preserve the lore of the park", and "Grove of Quaking Aspens greet the traveler along Yosemite Trails". The book also contains photographs by Geo. E. Stone, Best Studio, A. C. Pillsbury, F. J. Taylor, J. V. Lloyd, Chas. M. Miller, De Cou, and A. Wiederseder.

Lights and Shadows of Yosemite is a beautiful little book, the boards covered with batik dyed paper, nice, clean typesetting, wide margins, and stunning black and white photographs.

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