In fashion, there has been a surge of clothing made from fuzzy material. By fuzzy(in this article) I mean anything with exterior protrusions capable of producing static, including: fleece, lace, tassels, velvet, velour, and natural weaves(hemp). Unfortunately, people do not seem to see the portentous nature of this luxury.

Imagine for one moment that you are at an immense rave with hundreds of people bumping and grinding simultaneously. You are wearing a safe poly-cotton blend. They are not. You are completely surrounded by bearers of the ominous fuzzy materials. Everything is going well, you are bumping and grinding, bumping and grinding, when suddenly, one of the fuzzies backs into you. Hundreds of electrons bustling obstreperously about the room see a neutral target, and the possibility of stabilization; namely, you. All the static electricity in the room has suddenly decided to cease their adulterating and become homebodies. Congratulations, you now have a fro and enough electricity to light Kansas.

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