Lindy Chamberlain became famous in Australia in 1980 for claiming "a dingo ate my baby." Her infant daughter, Azaria Chamberlain, went missing while the family were camped near Ayers Rock.

In days following the disappearance, evidence, including blood in the family car, and the Baby's clothes, folded and buried under a rock, caused the journalists to assume that Lindy and her husband were guilty. They family were, in retrospect, harshly treated by the Australian press, since the satanic ritual theory of the disappearance sold more papers than the dingo story.

Lindy was convicted, and in the early 90s Lindy was found innocent, released from jail, and paid compensation for her wrongful imprisonment. The 1988 movie Evil Angels made the story famous internationally, compounded by references in The Simpsons and Seinfeld.

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