Take a good look at your palm. Look at the lines on your palm and fingers. Are they fine or deeply etched, continuous or broken? To a legitimate palmist, or palm reader, the lines of your hand, along with particular shape and size of your fingers and fleshy mounds of the palm, tell a story about you.

Lines of genius is the name given to lines on the tips of the pinky fingers, provided there are at least three more on the pinky finger than on other fingers. Lines of genius indicate the ability to take complex concepts and communicate them to the general populace so that they are understood. Lines of genius are commonly associated with a talent for public speaking.

Lines of genius are relatively rare among the general population. Many palmists will go years before encountering lines of genius on a client. They may occur on only one hand or both hands.

To see what lines of genius look like, view the handprint (mine) on my homenode (at least for as long as I have it up). You will see tiny lines on the pinky finger, but not on the other fingers. I have lines of genius on both hands.

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