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A band from East Bay, CA with several albums released on Asian Man Records. "They play an energetic blend of ska, punk and hardcore with strong vocals, horn section, and powerful music that takes 'ska-core' to a new level." (from the Asian Man website)

Members: Joey Bustos - drums; Adam Pereira - bass; Aaron Nagel - trumpet; Adam Davis - guitar; Steve Borth - tenor sax; and Ryan Noble - vocals.

the struggle continues... -- Asian Man Records (2000)
17 Reasons -- Asian Man Records (1996)
Killing Katie -- Asian Man Records (1997)

In case you didn't know, the old lead singer of Link 80 was Nick Traina. He was an amazing vocalist. His mom is Danielle Steele, you know the best selling author. Unfortunalty Nick committed suicide/overdosed. Noone is for sure which. He was really depressed at the time of the incident so it really could be both. If you ask his Mom, he killed himself.

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