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Lipscomb University is a private Christian university located in Nashville, Tennessee, affiliated with the Churches of Christ.


The university was established in 1891 as the Nashville Bible School by David Lipscomb and James Harding, two early Restoration Movement leaders. David Lipscomb donated farmland in what is now the Green Hills section of south Nashville in which to build the university. The university's name was changed to David Lipscomb College, then to David Lipscomb University. "David" was dropped from the university's name in the mid 1990s.

Campus Information

The center of the university is known as Bison Square. This bricked square is used for concerts, devotionals, and other various activities throughout the school year. To east side of the square is the Student's center which houses the cafeteria, bookstore, game room, grill, post office, among various other student services. To the west side of Bison Square is Collins Alumni auditorium and Burton Bible Building, which history, speech, and Bible classes are held.

Other academic buildings include the Axel Swang Center which business and English classes are taught and McFarland Hall of Sciences, which houses the science and math departments.

Allen Arena opened in 2001 as a 5,000 seat sports facility for basketball games. Chapel services and graduation are also held in the arena. Yearwood Hall, a women's dormitory, was torn down when the arena and adjacent car garage was built.

The university's library, Beaman Library opened in 1991. The old library building, Crisman, is now used as the university's administrative building.

Lipscomb University has five dormitories. Sewell Hall, which was renovated in the late 1990s, and High Rise dormitory are the men's dormitories. At eight stories tall, High Rise is the tallest building on campus. Johnson Hall, Elam Hall, and Fanning Hall are the women's dormitories. Each of the women's dormitories have an inner courtyard.

The university has a statue of the school mascot, a Bison just off Bison square. Traditionally students paint the Bison to promote some particular activity or idea, or just for the sake of painting it.

Student Life

All full-time day students are required to take a daily Bible class and attend daily chapel services. On Tuesdays and Thursdays a general Bible class called "University Bible" is held for the entire student body in Allen Arena. Chapel is a campus wide assembly held on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Chapel is a period of worship and other university related announcements. If students have excessive absences in chapel or Bible class they can be put on probation and stand a chance of being suspended from the university.

The university has no national fraternities or sororities. Instead they have gender specific social clubs. These social clubs are limited in membership. There is a pledging period associated with these clubs.

Each spring the social clubs, along with other students participate in a spring musical - Singarama - sometimes referred to as "Sing-for-your-Mama."

Smoking is prohibited on campus. It is common to see students cross the street to non-university property to grab a smoke.

Consumption and possession of alcohol is prohibited on and off campus by the university. The university has been known to suspend social clubs for a period of a year for having parties which serve alcohol.

The university blocks MTV on the local cable system, but allows other cable channels such as Comedy Central, whose content could be considered just as questionable as MTV's content.

Sports information

The university's sports team is known as the Bisons. The university has had championship winning basketball and baseball teams. The university also participates in softball, tennis, and track, among many other sports activities.

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