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The Liquid Pop Collective is a group of dancers, formed in 2000, whose focus is the furtherment of the Liquid, and Digits styles, though each member has a wider repertoire of styles.

Their most significant accomplishment is perhaps the November 2001 release of an instructional video entitled, "Liquid and Digits Volume 1" which details foundation concepts of both styles, along with assorted footage of performances and freestyle solos.

Scattered throughout New York City, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Baltimore, and the general Washington D.C. area, the group has earned local fame in the "underground" dance scene, especially with respect to their unusual refinement of the relatively obscure Liquid and Digits dance styles.

Perhaps more important is the Internet community they have founded to further the dialogue and exchange of ideas between dancers. The forum has spread Liquid and Digits (among other styles) to every continent in the world, and continues to be a valuable resource for anyone who wants to learn.

Recently, the Liquid Pop Collective's members have departed to pursue individual projects, with no definite plans to return. While several still stand under the group's name, others have joined different dance companies. Nonetheless, the impact of these individuals on future generations of Liquid dancers remains profound.

I highly recommend their video and online discussion board for those interested in learning.

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