To use this library all you need to do is find it.

Located on residential streets, along bike paths, and in parks, a Little Free Library allows a community to pool their knowledge and posessions in a casual, anonymous way. A Little Free Library does not require a library card, does not charge fines, does not rely on government assistance. All this wonder needs is for interested souls to take part.

Maybe you've seen free stores or free bins before—this is the same idea, except just for books.

Maybe you live in an area that already has one or more Little Free Libraries in which case different Little Free Libraries may be designated specific topics (poetry, cooking, history, humor, etc).

The structure for a Little Free Library may be built specifically for housing books or may be a repurposed newspaper dispenser or even an old cranberry crate. The only requirement for a structure is that it be able to protect books from the weather, have a translucent front (preferably plexiglass) through which the books may be seen clearly, a sign explaining what it is and be easy to open and shut. 

If you are handy and have the right tools, you can make a Little Free Library on your own. There are building plans available for two different designs. You are encouraged to reuse found and discarded building materials for this project.

During the winter holiday season, a First Builder workshop is held in WI to help people complete this project.

Alternately, there are ready-made Little Free Libraries available for purchase (starting at $250) from the website listed below. There are designs that look like small Amish woodsheds, British telephone booths and plain ones which may be decorated as you like.

After you've established a Little Free Library in your community, you may register at this site and your locale will be visible on an interactive map.

Take part in this loosely organized international movement by bringing communities together through a shared love for the written word!

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