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I think it's on Shattuck, it's definitely in Berkeley. Walk over to Games of Berkeley and face the BART station. Little Hunan is to your right. I eat there about every Wednesday evening. Little Hunan has excellent, excellent Chinese food at the lowest prices ever. (Not $1.10 Food, but far superior in quality.) You can eat a full dinner for around $3.50, and a rather large dinner with soup and all for around $5.00. There's no ambience; it's all formica and business, but who cares. The food is outstanding. I recommend the twice-cooked pork; they also have slightly harder-to-find dishes such as clay pot tofu. Great place to eat spicy--that's what Hunan is known for, after all. Can't recommend this place enough! Easy on the budget and extremely tasty. I'm glad I found it. Till I did, I seriously thought I had some sort of jinx regarding Chinese food in Berkeley, as up to this point it had all sucked. Anyway, Little Hunan has entrances on two different streets--how cool is that? See you there at 5:30!

P. S. Some of the workers do not speak much English, so you may need to point at the menu.

Met Wintersweet and her beau here last night, based on the directions she gives above. It is definitely on Shattuck Ave in Berkeley, on that block where Shattuck splits before it hits University Ave, you can't miss it, as it has doors on both directions of Shattuck!

I ordered the sesame chicken which was a nice sweet dish, with steamed broccoli. I also tried the twice-cooked pork, which was good too. It's a good cheap Chinese restaurant, very conveniently located.

I had a good time talking face to face with Wintersweet and her guy, and humbly contributing my part to everything.

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