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Little Joe Cook is an R&B singer who fronts a band called 'The Thrillers.' He plays at The Cantab in Cambridge, Massachusetts' Central Square. He's noteworthy (in fact, he's billed as 'The LEGENDARY Little Joe') because he's been playing there pretty much nonstop since the late 1950s.

His nickname is 'Peanuts' for no reason that I can discern. He calls men and women 'hamburgers' and 'cheeseburgers' ("Lemme see all youse hamburgers an' cheeseburgers out there on the dance floor!"). He's actually loads of fun to see live.

Best of all, he drives the coolest, mack daddy Lincoln Town Car. It's pale yellow, has enormous fins, and has several extra Lincoln spare tire wire wheels installed onto the body. It's a pimpmobile from another planet, baby.

Cambridge, in recognition of the man's staying power and loyalty to home, has renamed the intersection of Massachusetts Ave. and Pleasant Street, adjacent to the Post Office, Town Hall and the Cantab, Little Joe Cook Square. Go Little Joe!

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