"Live Peace in Toronto" is a live album recorded at John Lennon's appearance at Toronto Rock 'n' Roll Revival Festival on September 13, 1969 with one version of the Plastic Ono Band. Since the Beatles had not toured since 1966, it was Lennon's first performance in front of an audience in three years -- a major draw for the festival, but Lennon is reported to have thrown up from nervousness backstage. The thrown-together band consisted of John Lennon and Yoko Ono handling the vocals, John and Eric Clapton on guitars, Klaus Voorman on bass, and Alan White on drums; they performed some classic oldies, a few Lennon/Beatles songs, and some of Ono's work. They were not all that well-rehearsed, and the crowd who had come to hear their rock idols were not pleased with Ono's avant-garde music (the last two songs, which take up all of side two), but many fans do like the rawness of the sounds. The album was released December 12, 1969.

Source: www.bagism.com

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