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'Twas over the hills, 'twas over the hills
'Twas over the hills and valleys
Where my true-love was kept from me
Quite out of spite and malice

I went unto her father's house
Enquiring for my jewel
They answered me: She's not at home
She's at her uncle's house keeping

I went unto her uncle's house
Enquiring for my jewel
They answered me: She is not here
Which proved to my heart so cruel

This fair maid hearing of his voice
Put her head out of the window
She says: My dear youre welcome here
But locks and bolts do hinder

He stood a moment all in amaze
All in amaze and humour
Till at length he drew, in a passion flew
And the door he broke asunder

Her uncle's servant being at home
Soon after he did follow
He said: Young man, you must quit this room
Or in your own blood wallow

He took his true-love all by the hand
And his sword all in the other
Said he: If you have more right than I
Take one and fight the other

And now this couple in wedlock joined
They do adore each other
They oft'times think all on that day
When the door he broke asunder

British Isles folksong -- author unknown

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