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Pinus contorta

A pine tree common in Pacific Northwest. Characterized by its long, thin, straight appearance and relative lack of branches. May reach heights of up to 40 meters, though 5 – 20 meters is much more common. Often one of the first conifers to make a comeback after a fire, as its cones open only at temperatures in excess of 100 degrees.

Lodgepole Pine is also known as Jack Pine (although it isn’t. Jack Pine is its own species (Pinus banksiana), though it closely resembles Lodgepole Pine), Shore Pine (again, a different species (Pinus. contorta var. contorta), and other names.

Lodgepole pine is used for framing, paneling, posts, corral poles, utility poles, railroad ties, furniture, and other uses.

I get mine near Chemult, Oregon.

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