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A loose international organization, mainly European, started out in the The Netherlands. ("Loesje" is just a Dutch girl's name.)

Unlike many other organizations that have one goal and one ideology, Loesje uses a very different approach: People must think and make up their own opinions about the world.

Loesje's members spread posters - simple, black-and-white posters - with quite interesting, positive and thoughtful slogans, often about recent events. The idea is to point things out and make people think of the way the world is.

Some examples that I have seen in Finland: Undoubtable the funniest (for a Pokémon fan) was "Loesje Posters, Gotta Catch 'Em All", and the poster that was put in the middle of job announcements read "Loesje is seeking for dynamic, career-oriented, result-seeking management types for her youthful team - for a cautioning example."

http://www.loesje.org/ (perharps not coincidentially the page is hosted by XS4ALL...)

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