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Lone Justice was a roots rock band formed in Los Angeles in 1982. Guitarist Ryan Hedgecock and vocalist Maria McKee founded the band when they discovered their shared love of country music and L.A.'s rockabilly scene. This influence was clearly evidenced in the band's sound, which later evolved to include elements of rock. A risky sound combination to be sure, but it had enough merit that perennial country darling Linda Ronstadt saw fit to pull the strings to afford the band a contract with Geffen Records. The self-titled debut album Lone Justice was released in 1985 and met with a respectable level of success. The follow-up LP Shelter came a year later.

Unfortunately these two albums would be the band's sole offerings. McKee disbanded Lone Justice shortly after the release of the second album in 1986 to pursue a career as a solo artist. Fortunately for the burgeoning fan base of the roots rock movement, the unique twang-and-grit sensibilities propagated by Lone Justice would live on, both in McKee's impassioned vocals and torchy lyrics and the emergence of the comparable alt-country fusion genre in the late eighties. Their legacy can be heard to this day in such mainstay acts as Uncle Tupelo, Son Volt, and Wilco. The posthumous greatest hits collection This World Is Not My Home appeared in 1999 and compiled the highlights of the short but sweet career of these underappreciated pioneers of an equally underappreciated genre.

Group Members

Maria McKee (vocals/guitar)
Ryan Hedgecock (guitar)
Marvin Etzioni (bass)
Don Heffington (drums)

Discography and Track Listings

Lone Justice

1. East of Eden
2. After the Flood
3. Ways to be Wicked (written by Tom Petty)
4. Don't Toss Us Away
5. Working Late
6. Sweet, Sweet Baby (I'm Falling)
7. Pass It On
8. Wait 'Til We Get Home
9. Soap, Soup, and Salvation
10. You Are the Light


1. I Found Love
2. Shelter
3. Reflected (On My Side)
4. Beacon
5. Wheels
6. Belfry
7. Dreams Come True (Stand Up and Take It)
8. The Gift
9. Inspiration
10. Dixie Storms


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