The Long Island Ducks are a baseball team in the independent Atlantic League, which has eight teams in the greater New York - New Jersey - Connecticut - Pennsylvania area. The team plays in Citibank Park (formerly EAB Park) in Central Islip in Suffolk County, about 40 miles east of New York City (exit 58 off of the Long Island Expressway). The stadium was just completed in time for Opening Day, year 2000.

The Ducks' colors are green and orange, and the mascot, Quackerjack, bears more than a passing resemblance to Donald Duck. The moniker "Ducks" is appropriate for a team on Long Island, New York because of the famous Long Island duck, a tasty treat. Especially on the East End, traditional country restaurants serve duck, born and raised on the Island, harking back to the days when 50 miles was a long way to travel, and only the richest of the rich could "summer" on the Island.

Thanks to generic-man for updates on the park and mascot names.

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