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"Look Back in Angora" is the very clever title of a 1994 documentary by Ted Newsom about Ed Wood, the legendary, and legendarily execrable, director of such classics as Glen or Glenda and Plan 9 from Outer Space. Wood, of course, was lovingly portrayed by Johnny Depp in the eponymous movie by Tim Burton, and anyone who has seen that film will know that one of Wood's - ahem - quirks was transvestism. Angora, in fact, was one of Wood's favourite materials, and he particularly liked to wear angora sweaters.

Though quite a clever and interesting flick, it is, in the end, a flick, being less than an hour long and a bit superficial in dealing with Wood's life. All it really adds to Burton's wonderful movie is a look at Wood after his feeble career went bust and he was reduced to making pron films. In fact, there are shots of a flabby and ruined Wood descending so far into poverty and alcoholism that he eventually became too drunk to even make bad pron. The whole thing, really, just reinforces Burton's - and Depp's - brilliant take on Wood: a man of negligible talent but endless warmth and enthusiasm, a man about whom friends like Bela Lugosi, seen here after a recovery from heroin addiction, speak with great affection.

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