Lookout Pass is a pass over the Coeur d'Alène Mountains, on the border between Montana and Idaho. The pass is where Interstate 90 crosses the crest of these mountains. The elevation at the pass is 4710 feet.

The United States Interstate system actually has few passes over the high parts of the Rocky Mountains, and Lookout Pass is one of them. Although it is not passing over the continental divide at this point, it is a more dramatic pass than where it does, near Butte, Montana. The mountains terrain through Montana and Idaho is so rugged that it is another 500 miles to the southeast, in Utah, before another interstate pass over the Rocky Mountains is found.

Lookout pass also looks dramatic, and is prone to snowstorms most of the year. Its name supposedly comes from the fate of a wagon train that was climbing the pass and failed to break as they reached the top, and fell over an escarpment.


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