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The 14'th book in Terry Pratchett's Discworld Series (and the fourth book of the Witches sub-series).

Elves are comming through to Lancre, and they arn't quite what people remembered them to be. They are rather nasty, love cruelty, and doing bad things with style.

Main/Reoccurring Characters:

Granny Weatherwax: Leader of the Lancre Witches. A rather no nonsense witch who sees the elves for what they are, an infestation.

Nanny Ogg:Another witch of Lancre, Rather a woman of the world. Also remembers what Elves can do to a place.

Magrat Garlick :The youngest of the witches coven, And about to be wed to the king of Lancre, Verence II.

Archchancelor Mustrum Ridcully & staff: The head of the Unseen University plus staff have been invited to the wedding of the new King and Queen of Lancre. There is some aparent history between a young Ridcully and a not yet Granny Weatherwax. Also brings along some of the main faces from the University.

Giamo Casanunda: A dwarf, outrageous liar, soldier of fortune, legendary swordsman, and of course, the world's second greatest lover.

Published by HarperTorch
Copyright 1992, Terry and Lyn Pratchett
ISBN: 0-06-105692-8

Lords" and La"dies (?). Bot.

The European wake-robin (Arum maculatum), -- those with purplish spadix the lords, and those with pale spadix the ladies.

Dr. Prior.


© Webster 1913.

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