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Role-playing game that centered on traveling to alternate universes and through time. Characters gained a specific ability in this regard whenever they gained a certain number of levels: from being able to see things that are invisible to normal people, all the way up to being able to create your own pocket universe. The game contained rules for a dizzying variety of weapons from all regions of time and space and a monster list that, since it put dragons next to killer cyborgs and genetically-engineered psychopaths, was a great source of ideas for bizarre adventures.

We discovered in the course of playing that the very nature of the game encouraged a sense of diminished responsibility in the players. In short, it was totally nuts. Since you could always escape into another dimension if things got too hairy in this one, players took all kinds of crazy chances - hardly a game went by that didn't end up in a car chase (or carriage, or hovercraft) with the local authorities, tossing hand grenades out the rear and frantically trying to remember the coordinates for Earth. One time my players couldn't agree on a course of action so they started shooting at each other in their car. It was a game master's nightmare, but it was fun.

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