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The year is 1268, and the throne of England sits empty. The lands of England and Wales are controlled by powerful nobles who do as they please and answer to no authority. They make constant war upon each other and cruelly oppress the lesser folk of the land. The people cry out for a single leader, great in both wisdom and strength, to unify the land and make it thrive once again.

You are that leader. You, and you alone, can restore prosperity and happiness to the land, care for the people, and end the ceaseless feuding among the nobles. But in order to claim the crown that is rightfully yours, you must first prove that you have what it takes to be the King. Can you make your counties thrive? Can you keep your people safe and well? Can you defend your lands from the aggression of other nobles? If not, the country is doomed.

Only power and wisdom together will make a true ruler.

Impressions Software made this computer strategy game in 1994.

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