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I, a six-foot-four, full grown man, am crying.

I'm crying out of love. I love this country, I'm not a patriotic person, but I love everything this country originally stood for.

I just got off the phone with my friend, Niki. Last night she was attacked, without any reason by Los Angles police officers, along with many other people on the Metro's Red Line Train, and today all I see on the news is confetti being swept away and news anchors with cheery voices. Ten million dollars was taken from the taxpayer's pockets, and for what? So that totally peaceful women and children could be shot at with rubber bullets?

Lawyers were going up to police, requesting badge numbers and information, clearly within their rights. All the police had to say was "Fuck You".

My friend, Niki got out of there, only getting trampled on, but what about the people who didn't? She saw a twelve year old being beaten. How many more were there? When she was on the street crying, and trying to call her mother, cars full of police went by, shoving their middle finger out of the windows, yelling obscenities, and sexually harassing women.

I love this country, but by letting these police go so easily unchecked, we're letting them use the constitution as toilet paper, and the media's inability to cover such obvious human right violations, just sends the police the message that this kind of violent behavior is acceptable.

Is this what we want for our children? Is this what we want for ourselves? Personally, as soon as I've collected enough pictures and evidence, I'm going to go straight to friends in the media to help publicize what really happened while everyone was smiling inside the Staples Center.

I will not let this go.

I will not let them get away with this.

Will you?

Some lesbian named Gloria Johnson, when a group of Eagle Scouts was about to take the stage at the Democratic National Convention last night, along with other members of the California delegation, grabbed poster boards and markers and made signs that read,

"We Support Gay Boy Scouts."

So as these poor Eagle Scouts stood there, doing their assigned duties of being some sort of honor guard, these California (where else?) delegates waved their signs and booed.

I know that since the Supreme Court ruled that the Boy Scouts can ban homosexual leaders, the Democrats have had some sort of agreement with homosexuals to condemn this decision. But booing a bunch of kids who were there for their big moment? What does this accomplish?

I don't know what's up these peoples' collective asses, but it sure lacks any common sense to act in this way.

Talk about quotas: There are apparently quotas for homosexuals in some states' delegates. In California, there were targets of 5 percent homosexual men and 5 percent homosexual women. They wound up with 34 openly homosexual delegates, the largest concentration of any state.

Those folks up in Northern California want to split this crazy place into two states. I'm not surprised.

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