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Full title: "Losing Faith In Faith: From Preacher to Atheist"

A phenomenal book written by Dan Barker about atheism and Christianity. It details his conversion from fundamentalist preacher to preeminent atheist, gives arguments for atheism, and details reasons that Christianity can in fact be harmful. This book manages to be both an autobiography and a reference manual.

It is a useful tool for any atheist who finds her or himself in frequent debates, and an intriguing read for any Christian who wants to understand the atheist viewpoint. It's even been called the "Atheist Bible", although I personally don't like that name as it implies the book is infalliable.

Major sections:
  • Losing Faith
  • Finding Freethought
  • Re-examining The "Good Book"
  • Critiquing Christianity
  • Spreading The Best News
  • Separating State And Church
  • Exposing Christian Morality
  • History Or Myth?
  • A Match Not Made In Heaven

Dan Barker is also a bilingual songwriter--interspersed with the chapters of LFIF are some of his freethought songs in both Spanish and English.

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