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My hard drive is filled with fragments. Stories left half-finished, stories that didn't come out worthy of the effort that got put into them. Random scenes without homes. Entire text files are devoted to a few simple phrases that got stuck in my brain. Scattered throught the debris are a few things I consider worth saving. Some of these things just appeal to me. I think E2 is a good format for them to find a home in, but they might be a bit odd here without some context. So I'm providing it now (attempting to, anyway). Maybe you have fragments too? If you think any of them belong here, just let me know, and I'll put em on the list.

random coolness on my hard drive
Fumbling in the dark
Lost in the lobby
Snow like fire
Wheels Grinding in the Night
Forgetting his life away
An Old Man and Hot Chocolate
Rubik's Cube

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