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The "Lost Years of Jesus" refers to an 18-year gap in the narrative of the life of Jesus Christ found in the New Testament of the Bible, from the age of 12, when Jesus is recorded to have visited Jerusalem with his parents, Mary and Joseph, to the age of 30, when Jesus began his ministry.

Although it is generally presumed that the young Jesus continued living a rather humdrum existence in Nazareth with his family during these 18 years, the convenient presence of this gap has allowed people to forward all manner of speculation about the various places he may have visited and the fabulous adventures he may have had in these intervening years, with one of the most widely promoted views being that he traveled to India at some point during this period.

Although evidence is slim or nonexistent, it is worth noting that the idea of Jesus traveling to India is not as far-fetched as it might initially seem, given that we know that his apostle Thomas actually did make it all the way to India just a few decades later.

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