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Unfortunately, life is such that we are most often remembered for the things that we did WRONG.

Lou is one of those humble souls who, being gifted with imagination and technical talent totally lacks taste. Lou is a feeping creaturist of the worst kind.

Lou Montulli is responsible for the BLINK TAG

Lou, in his time as Networking, bookmarking and news developer at Netscape, also inflicted upon the rest of the world the following curses:
Lou, stop screwing around with remote controlled cars and pull your finger out!

But wait friends! Before you stampede off to montulli.com/lou with your mailbombs and spam subscriptions, remember this one blessing Lou did bestow on us:


<rant>Lou, and his blink tags, have been indirectly noded at Legend of the Blink Tag, blink tag, the blink and marquee tags are NOT useful. and many other places. Futhermore, rp's writeup below is about lynx, not Lou. The advice pick titles carefully applies to pre-existing nodes, just as much as new ones. Please try harder to put your writeups where they belong!</rant>

Lou Montulli was also the student at UKansas doing much of the design and implementation on the WWW browser, Lynx, in 1991-1992.

Lynx was originally based on the Hytelnet system, and was a fully functional hypertext browser, with its own document markup language, before it became WWW compatible through the addition of HTML and HTTP support.

Lynx was firmly established as the most functional and most innovative among the text-based WWW browsers by the time Lou left to join Netscape.

See Michael Grobe's account of the early history of Lynx at http://www.ukans.edu/~grobe/early-lynx.html.

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