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Louie Evans rides a tricycle through Boston. A lot—through all kinds of weather, at all hours.

If you have ever spent any significant amount of time walking or riding in that city in the past three decades or so, chances are that you heard him before you saw him. He announces his presence by shouting "MOOOOOVE! MOOOOVE! MOOOOVE" ad infinitum. If he's coming your way on the sidewalk, you best step aside quick. His speed is in between a jogger and a bicycle. I've been told by someone who knew someone who got to know him that he began saying "MOVE" after a standard bicycle bell failed to alert pedestrians.

Louie mostly rides through the downtown and Back Bay areas, though he may be seen in Brookline or other adjacent areas. Watching wealthy tourists sneer as he passes by is great fun. Most people don't understand him, but those who do (or try to) get to know him all love him for his passion to ride.

Kind souls at the local bike shops sometimes repair his ride for free.

Many people presume he is mentally deficient, but he's not. He's simply more determined than most and has of a speech impediment. His tricycle has flags and a basket in the back.

I hope he's still out there.


Sources:  Louie by Brian Moore
Louie in action

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